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Services We Offer

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We offer the following mental health services and more. 

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Our confidential and supportive approach to individual therapy involves:

  • obtaining mutual understanding of your presenting concerns

  • collaborating to establish and achieve goals for treatment

  • teaching you how to manage symptoms and implement healthy coping skills

  • instilling hope and empowering positive change

  • an approach that focuses on your specific needs and highlights your strengths throughout therapy


Mental Health Physicals

At Understanding Minds, we believe it is time for a proactive approach to mental health!


Annual physicals are a way to take care of your body, and the staff at Understanding Minds believes we need the equivalent form of assessment, monitoring, and proactive approach for your mind. A mental health physical is a biopsychosocial assessment of your symptoms and mental health needs. Your Primary Mental Health Provider (PMHP) collaborates with you to identify mental health goals and make recommendations on the types of services that will help support those goals.  You will schedule a follow-up appt. with your PMPH either six months or one year later to reassess and monitor progress depending on your needs.   


Couples Therapy

Our collaborative and supportive approach to couples therapy involves respect for all different relationship preferences and:

  • begins with an assessment of each person’s reasons for seeking treatment and motivation to work on the relationship

  • focuses on replacing maladaptive communication patterns and interactions with healthier ones

  • aims to strengthen trust in the relationship

  • increases self-understanding as well as understanding of your partner

  • enhances emotional connection

  • addresses physical intimacy

  • teaches problem-solving and healthy boundaries

  • can assist in deciding whether to continue or end a relationship

  • can assist in healthy separation and co-parenting for those who decide to end the relationship

Looking for a more time-limited approach to couples work? Prepare/Enrich can be completed in 2-4 sessions with a structured assessment, and can be a practical alternative to traditional couples therapy or an entry point for those who aren't sure couples therapy is right for them. For those interested in ongoing work, Prepare/Enrich offers a jump start by outlining a relationship's unique strengths and goals for change. Learn more here.


Family Therapy

Each family is a unique system with established patterns of communication, intimacy, as well as approaches to problem-solving and conflict-resolution.  We collaborate with family members to:

  • identify each person’s perspective of the problem(s)

  • explore and establish goals for treatment

  • replace unhealthy family system dynamics with healthier ones through improved: communication, empathy, conflict resolution, establishment of roles and boundaries, as well as emotional connection


Play Therapy

Children often express their thoughts, feelings, and behavior through play.  Our practice offers a play therapy room with skilled play therapists to allow your children opportunities for:

  • understanding emotion

  • expression of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that they are unable to verbalize using language

  • learning and practicing healthy communication, social, and problem-solving skills

  • sand tray therapy

  • directive play therapy

  • non-directive play therapy


Group Therapy

Our staff collaborates to assess and determine what types of therapy groups are needed in our community.  When a need is identified, our therapists work to develop therapy groups to address needs and enhance treatment so clients can achieve their mental health goals.  Click here to see our current groups >


Psychological Evaluations

Our psychological evaluations provide you with a comprehensive understanding of you, your child’s, or a loved one's cognitive, attention, emotional, behavioral, and/or personality functioning.  


Psychological testing and evaluation reports:

  • Provide essential information about one or more areas of functioning

  • Clarify diagnoses based on multiple sources of data

  • Include thoughtful recommendations based on you or your child’s unique needs

  • Involve a feedback session to ensure your understanding of the findings

  • Assess for anxiety, ADHD, mood disorder, OCD, intelligence, behavior problems, autism spectrum disorders, personality patterns/disorders, and more!

  • Leave you feeling empowered as you have gained insight and understanding into into you or a loved one's psychological functioning with concrete steps for how best to proceed.


Academic Evaluations

Our comprehensive cognitive and/or academic evaluations will help you gain insight into you or your child's cognitive and academic skills.  

These types of evaluations assess for 

  • Giftedness

  • Intellectual Disability

  • Learning Disabilities

  • Attention Problems

  • Behavioral Concerns/Patterns 


Solution Focused Brief Therapy

Therapy does not always have to be long-term.  With SFBT, clients often report improvements in just a few sessions.  This strength based model focuses on the present and what steps you can take now.  Clients who are motivated to make changes often appreciate this approach to treatment.  It is effective for a number of presenting problems including but not limited to the following.  

  • Trauma

  • Relationship challenges

  • Self-esteem

  • Crisis management

  • Stress management

  • Specific life transitions

  • Social anxiety


Parenting Consultations

Parenting is an ever changing process that requires new knowledge and skills every step of the way!  Parents need support on their journey as they navigate the unique challenges and individual needs at each stage of development.  We are pleased to offer Parenting Consultations to help support you in developing the skills necessary to feel confident in your parenting approach.  The focus of these consultations is to enhance your understanding of the unique needs of your child and to provide concrete strategies for intervention and improvement.  Some of the common topics addressed include:

  • New baby

  • Attachment 

  • Social-emotional development

  • Activities and interests

  • Impact of your upbringing on your parenting style

  • Parent and sibling relationships

  • Consistency, boundaries, rules, rewards, consequences

  • Learning and academic needs

  • Outside influences: friends, technology, social media

  • Puberty and adolescence

  • Substance use

  • Empty nest


Sleep Consultations

Quality sleep is essential to sound mental health.  One of our licensed psychologists has taken a special interest in sleep and is now offering sleep consultations to help you improve your sleep.  Addressing problematic sleep patterns can have a positive impact on your mood, energy, motivation, attention, and overall health.  People often report improvements in their relationships and work performance when sleep improves.  Sleep consultations are a good fit for you if if you are looking to educate yourself on the psychological and biological importance of sleep.  They are beneficial if you are looking to address:

  • Difficulty falling and/or staying asleep

  • Establishing a healthy sleep routine

  • Overthinking at bedtime

  • Adjusting to or complying with interventions for sleep apnea 

Sleep Consultations
Parenting Consultations
Solution Focused Brief Therapy
Academic Evaluations
Psychological Evaluations
Group Therapy
Play Therapy
Family Therapy
Couples Therapy
Mental Health Physicals
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