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Prepare/Enrich for Couples

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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Daniel Pomerleau is trained as a facilitator of Prepare/Enrich, a brief couples assessment and counseling model. Committed couples gain a deeper understanding of dynamics, personality, stress, and strength and growth areas. Prepare/Enrich is comprehensive and data-driven: each member of the couple completes an assessment before meeting together with the facilitator to review results and identify concrete goals. Completed in 2-4 sessions, this model is ideal for:

  • Premarital couples

  • Couples preparing for new life stages or changes (e.g., cohabitation, parenting, retirement)

  • Couples who may prefer an action-oriented approach to an emotional deep dive

  • Couples who prefer a structured and time-limited alternative to traditional couples therapy

  • Couples navigating life stressors and wanting to strengthen their communication and support of one another

  • Parents desiring to expand their understanding of parenting styles and dynamics while strengthening their own communication

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