Understanding Minds Psychological Services is a group of licensed mental health professionals located in St. Louis County. We are committed to providing a comfortable and supportive environment for people to discuss their thoughts and feelings, identify goals for treatment, and take steps to improve their lives. It is our belief that the mutual understanding that develops between our therapists and their clients makes it possible for people to achieve their goals.


Meet Our Therapists

Our therapists have advanced degrees and are licensed in Missouri.  Mental health services should be available to all, which is why our providers:

  • value and respect you as a unique human with strengths and areas for improvement
  • want you to be comfortable and feel safe to share without fear of judgment
  • are skilled at treating a wide variety of presenting concerns
  • offer early morning, daytime, evening, and weekend appointments
  • accept a wide variety of insurance plans


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We are accepting new clients! Early morning, daytime, evening, and weekend appointments available!