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Kenneth Minder, M.A., PLPC
Provisionally Licensed Professional Counselor


Supervisor: Tiffany Lin, Psy.D.

Kenneth Minder, M.A., PLPC


1992:  M.A. Counseling Psychology
Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California


My Approach To Therapy


My approach to therapy is humanistic and client centered.  A client centered approach heals by an accepting and trusting relationship with the therapist to explore hopes and dreams and recognize the potential of each person to bring about a sense of fulfillment.   Exploring past experiences and current circumstances, a client can move forward to the most fulfilling life possible.   Teaching the tools to evaluate and recognize steps forward will open the sometimes-limiting view of self toward ever expanding heights. By goal setting and exploring the ways to achieve those goals each person can rise above the sometimes-limiting thoughts and behaviors that prevent a person from being the fully realized individual each wants to be. An empowered person is often a central goal. 

Using current therapeutic techniques to encourage self- direction and empowering activities, each can literally author his/her own life story, determining the outcomes desired and exploring ways to achieve those outcomes.  This requires an integration of mind, body, and spirit to meet the challenges encountered each day. This brings the unique strength each one discovered to the forefront of the mind which can lead to more happiness and more fulfillment in life.

These concepts work well with both adolescents and adults who are often looking for meaning and purpose in all stages of life and looking for ways to overcome the limitations which may be preventing progress.   

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